A history of watergate in 1972

Tweet Watergate Scandal Before the summer ofthe word "Watergate" meant nothing more than an office and luxurious apartment complex in Washington, D. As a result of a "third-rate burglary" on June 17 of that year, it came to be associated with the greatest political scandal of that century and would change the lives of the many people involved — especially President Richard M. While doing his rounds at the Watergate Hotel in the early morning of June 17,security guard Frank Wills found a door, located between the basement stairwell and the parking garage, that was being prevented from latching by a piece of tape. He removed the tape and continued his rounds.

A history of watergate in 1972


Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, who led the Watergate break-in team, were stationed in a Watergate Hotel room while the burglary was underway. A lookout was posted across the street at the Howard Johnson Hotel.

Bruce Givner was a year old intern working at the DNC's 6th floor offices in the Watergate Hotel Complex when his prolonged stay on that floor precluded the burglars from entering the offices to correct their earlier wiretap work.

During the break-in, Hunt and Liddy would remain in contact with each other and with the burglars by radio. These Chapstick tubes outfitted with tiny microphones were later discovered in Hunt's White House office safe.

According to Dean, this marked "the opening scene of the worst political scandal of the twentieth century and the beginning of the end of the Nixon presidency".

Watergate Chronology:

Two months later, he was alleged to have approved a reduced version of the plan, including burgling the Democratic National Committee 's DNC headquarters at the Watergate Complex in Washington, D.

Liddy was nominally in charge of the operation, but has since insisted that he was duped by both Dean and at least two of his subordinates, which included former CIA officers E.

Baldwin III to carry out the wiretapping and monitor the telephone conversations afterward. Gordon Liddy and E.

Howard Hunt[22] McCord and his team of burglars prepared for their first Watergate break-in, [23] which began on May At the time, Oliver was working as the executive director of the Association of State Democratic Chairmen. He removed the tape, thinking nothing of it. When he returned a short time later and discovered that someone had retaped the locks, he called the police.

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Responding to the call was an unmarked car with three plainclothes officers working the overnight "bum squad" - dressed as hippies and on the lookout for drug deals and other street crimes.

The burglars' sentry across the street, Alfred Baldwin, was distracted watching TV and didn't notice the arrival of the police car in front of the hotel or the plainclothes officers investigating the DNC's sixth floor suite of 29 offices. By the time Baldwin noticed unusual activity on the sixth floor and radioed the burglars, it was already too late.

The burglars were tried by a jury, with Judge John Sirica officiating, and pled guilty or were convicted on January 30, Nixon administration officials were concerned because Hunt and Liddy were also involved in a separate secret activity known as the " White House Plumbers ", which was set up to stop security " leaks " and investigate other sensitive security matters.

Ehrlichman subsequently denied this.

A history of watergate in 1972

Patrick Gray in separate operations destroyed the evidence from Hunt's safe. Nixon's own reaction to the break-in, at least initially, was one of skepticism.The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States during the early s, following a break-in by five men at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C.

on June 17, , and President Richard Nixon's administration's subsequent attempt to cover up its involvement. Includes: United State Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (The Watergate Committee) 15, pages in 29 volumes of Senate generated and/or collected documents concerning Watergate, including the Committee's final report, an index and supplement of legal documents.

Watergate: The Scandal That Brought Down Richard Nixon

Watergate derives its name from the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. Whilst is is now a term synonymous with corruption and scandal, in the Watergate . by James D. Robenalt. James D. Robenalt is author of January , Watergate, Roe attheheels.com, Vietnam and the Month That Changed America attheheels.com teaches a .


May May 28 Bugging equipment is installed at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate hotel and office complex in Washington DC. attheheels.com is t he only website dedicated solely to the scholarly production and dissemination of digitized Nixon tape audio and transcripts.

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Burglary At The Watergate