An overview of centrus desktop components

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An overview of centrus desktop components

Pitney Bowes Spectrum - SpatialPoint

Overriding Permissions at the Role Level Overriding Permissions at the User Level Managing Memory and Threading Load Balancing Spatial Services Tutorial This guide will help you build a web mapping application or embed mapping in an existing application using a variety of web services, capabilities, tools and sample code.

Addressed in this guide are: There are several reasons for needing to change the default port number: Currently, the silent installer for Spectrum does not allow you to specify the port; it can only be specified after the install.

A port conflict occurs after the install.

An overview of centrus desktop components

You need a proxy on port but have a limited number of ports to expose externally, so you would like to move Spectrum without re-creating all your settings and data flows. You want to try out a new version of Spectrum without removing your old one.

Since you cannot install them both, you can turn off the existing one and put down a Spectrum image which uses a different port. This task is only for experienced administrators who have application server experience changing port numbers, as network port conflicts can result in module components failing to start up.

One indication that a component has failed to start up is if it does not appear in the Management Console.

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To troubleshoot the problem, look at the Spectrum Spatial server log file. This log shows which port is causing the problem. You can find the Spectrum Spatial Server log file in: The install folder default is C: To change the default port number, you can either copy the entire configuration folder then edit the files locally, or you can edit the configuration files in place.

If you copy locally, you cannot put the configuration folder back while the server is running; you must restart all the Spatial services after making the changes. If you edit in place, you do not need to stop the server; however, the changes will not take effect until you restart the server.

The following network ports are used by default:The resulting geometry is the input for the Query Spatial Data stage which is then output to an output sink. This procedure is one way to find points in a polygon. An alternative is the Point in Polygon stage that uses a Centrus database.


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Desktop Components

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