An overview of the body language taboos around the world

GULF In their underground classroom Gail had available several types of apparatus to record and manipulate light and sound. She commenced throwing groups of figures on a screen, in flashes. Why did you get only the left hand side of the group?

An overview of the body language taboos around the world

They or at least many of their leadersconverted to Judaism and were eventually defeated and disappeared. Other descendants of the Khazars may be scattered throughout the former area of the U.

A knowledge of the Khazars is useful for several reasons. Evidence exists that the Khazars were descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel. There is also proof that they were related to peoples in Western Europe.

It follows that evidence connecting the ancestors of some West European groups to Israel is strengthened when cognizance is taken of the Israelite ancestry of their Khazar brothers. The Khazars and Anti -Semites Another reason for studying the Khazars is that anti-Semites, and some Assimilationist Jews, claim that the present-day "Ashkenazi" European Jewish people came from the Khazars, who they assume were non-Israelite.

Anti-Semites use this notion of the Khazars to allege that the Jews are impostors and not true descendants of Israel. So do the Arabs and other anti-Semites.


In the past some Assimilationist Jews used the Khazar idea to claim that since their ancestors were not in Judah at a certain time therefore they were not culpable for whatever the Jews may or may not have done to the Christian Messiah. The background for some of these ideas also concerns the Karaites of Russia.

In Judaism at that time there were two main streams. There were Rabbinical Jews who parallel the Orthodox Jews of today and who believed in the Bible and in its interpretation according to Oral Tradition. The Oral tradition is justified by the Bible Deuteronomy ch.

The Orthodox in their decision were homogeneous and still areand consistent in their basic beliefs and practices.

They usually managed to reach a consensus regarding the practical application of Biblical injunctions. Another group were the Karaites who claimed to believe only in Scripture. The Karaites, however, were actually eclectic and widely divergent amongst themselves in their interpretation of Scripture.

The Karaite movement in the modern sense may have begun in the region of present-day Iraq but its roots can be traced back to the Samaritans and to the Sadducees and to other sects of former times.

Amongst the numerous groups subject to the Khazars were Tartars and Turkish elements and some of these accepted the Karaite form of religion.

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Under the Czars the Jews were persecuted and the Karaites naturally wished to be exempt from anti-Jewish discrimination. They, therefore, claimed to be descended from the Lost Ten Tribes or from the Khazars.

At all events as not related to the Judaeans and as such could not be held responsible for the crucifixion. These tombstones bear the names of people stating that they are descended from Tribes of Israel exiled by Assyria.

Firkovitch claimed that this was evidence that the Karaites in the Crimea had been there before the Jew and were not related to them. Several leading authorities were misled by this evidence and there were those who perhaps wanted to be misled in order to help the Karaites out of their predicament.

By agreeing that the Karaites were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes, or from the Khazars, they were helping the Karaites claim that they were not related to the Jews and therefore should not be persecuted as Jews. The Karaites were exempted by Russian authorities from restrictive measures taken against Jews.

Not all the evidence produced by Firkovitch was necessarily false. The case is still under consideration. Some of them were actively anti-Semitic. In some accounts of the Khazars it is assumed that the Karaites descend from them.

This assumption is mistaken and misleading. Map taken from Davidiy, " The Khazars.

An overview of the body language taboos around the world

Tribe 13 " Map designed by Estelle Schutte Khazar History Traditional Jewish and Armenian sources as well as a linguistic study Baschmakoff, Parisbased on place-names indicated that the Khazars could be connected to Adiabene and its area in the region of Northern Mesopotamia, i.

They also were said to have invaded Armenia in ca.ABORIGINAL CONCEPTS OF JUSTICE. Introduction Aboriginal People and the Role of the Elders Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Peoples: Two Worldviews The Meaning of . Welcome to World Mime Organisation.

INDIVIDUAL Outstanding Contribution; INSTITUTIONAL Promotion and Development. the nonverbal communication of ownership; when you feel protective of a specific physical space or item, your body language reflects that Personal space the immediate area around a person through.

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You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. The Khazars An Overview Israelite Tribes in Exile by Yair Davidiy Note: For an outline of somewhat more up-to-date information concerning the Khazars, see our article.

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