Animal testing pathos

Victoria's Secret How the tests are unreliable Animal testing is not reliable for cosmetics that are used by humans. A product cannot be one hundred percent accurate for human use unless the product is tested on actual humans.

Animal testing pathos

June 13, by April Klazema Animal testing is a process that has been going on for centuries for numerous reasons, such as developing medical treatments, determining the toxicity of certain medications, confirming the safety of a product designed for humans, and other health care uses.

Because of animal testing, many cures and treatments to a variety of illnesses and diseases have been discovered that might have otherwise continued to plague mankind over the years.

Without question, animal testing has proven useful on more than a few occasions throughout history. Animal testing is one of the most fascinating topics for debateand is a great subject for anyone concerned with social issues to learn about, whether it involves adding meaningful insight to an intelligent discussion or writing a great speech for a class at school, something you can learn more about with Udemy.

Animal testing pathos

While many horror stories exist about animal testing, much of the testing is a highly regulated process now, and laws do exist to keep animals from being wrongfully harmed. Even taking all of this into consideration, however, the staunchest proponents have to acknowledge that there are cons to animal testing as well.

In fact, this could explain why there is such a downward trend in using animals for scientific experiments. Researchers are relying more and more on other methods as technology has improved and social awareness has increased, and that could be due to the cons involved. This includes animals like mice, birds, fish, Animal testing pathos reptiles, which for various reasons do not even fall under the animal category by this federal law.

This means that the experiments these animals are subjected to may fall under Animal testing pathos classification some may call cruel.

Animal testing pathos

To satisfy the requirements of the testing process, animals may be force-fed, deprived of food or water for lengthy periods of time, or physically restrained against their will. Even worse, animals that do fall under the AFA are not necessarily protected from torture either.

While not all animal studies involve subjecting the test subject to pain or other forms of torture, footage can be found that indicates the Animal Welfare Act by itself is not enough of a deterrent for the researchers who are less concerned about ethical standards. The product being tested on the animal, for instance, may never satisfy the requirements needed in order to be released to the public due to any number of problems or unintended side effects.

When a cure to a disease is discovered while working with animals, at least that test subject served a purpose that helped humanity, even if the results were not positive in the short term for the animal population. The situation is much worse when an animal is harmed or even killed to test out a product that never contributed anything positive to mankind, and unfortunately this does happen.

Additionally, the benefits of some of the products tested on animals may seem on the trivial side when compared to the pain it puts the animal through. For instance, improved laundry detergent in an experiment that may not even prove successful is not necessarily a very good reason to risk harming the health of an animal.

Medical breakthroughs are one thing, but when it comes to products that are designed merely to make our everyday lives a little easier, animal testing begins to look a little more suspect.

During the experiment process, the animals involved must be taken care of, and that means money for food, housing, and any other treatment needs. When you consider that there are labs that breed animals specifically for the purpose of testing and then sell them off when the next project comes along, even the animals themselves come at a great cost.

If all of this money spent on animal testing were instead invested in other methods, the scientific results might have been far superior.

Humans Differ from Animals There are many similarities to humans among the more evolved animals of the world — that much is scientifically proven. However, even similar organisms taken out of their natural habitat may not react in a reliable, consistent manner to a drug intended for human use.

This problem is only more significant when considering experiments done on animals like mice and fish. Just because a certain medication has the desired effect on mice, for instance, does not mean it can be neatly translated into human form to achieve the same result to a much more complicated body.

A sleeping pill tested on animals in the 50s caused thousands of babies to be born with birth defects, while a heart pill tested on mice was released to the public only to cause nearly 30, heart attacks. What works on animals, even animals similar to humans, will not necessarily work for people.

Indeed, there is no reason to believe that animal testing is a necessary component of achieving new medical insight. It has led to discoveries in the past, but only because it was one of the only methods humans were using previously.

As the years have passed, many treatments and cures have been discovered without involving animals at all, and in fact the results may be more reliable this way.Animal Testing and Experimentation. Factory Farming For years, animal activists have tried to put an end to the captivity of wild animals.

I think it’s important to discuss the ethos, logos, and pathos of the documentary. When it comes to the ethos of the film, it takes a little digging to get to the evidence. An example of the digging. ETHOS PATHOS LOGOS USING For each of the following situations, write your own persuasive sentence(s) using ethos, pathos or logos, You may even use You are attempting to convince an audience that animal testing is morally wrong.

3. You are trying to persuade your teacher not to give you homework. Stacev'å. #OCUS ON LOGOS Logos is an. 2 Responses to “Cosmetics” Emily, Animal testing is awful. Your blog post used a lot of pathos, because you described how they test cosmetics on animals.

Animal testing can actually be dangerous to humans because animals and humans react differently to certain drugs; 61% of birth defects are caused by drugs passed safe in animal tests. Animal testing can stop if everyone makes an effort.

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At least methods . Alex Epstein and Yaron Brook’s “The Evil Right of Animals” first appeared in May 19, In this essay Epstein and Brook aim to convince their readers that medical testing on animals is necessary.

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