Chap 2 oce1001 figueroa

Lab Website Research Development of models for gene-product interactions is of major importance to agricultural research. A better understanding of how gene products interact within a plant system can have major impacts on our basic understanding of plant molecular biology as well as development of biotechnologies that can improve traits of importance in agriculture. Systems Genetics is an area of Systems Biology that employs statistics, computation, graph theory, information theory, and cyber-infrastructure development to analyze high throughput genomics, genetics and phenotype data in an effort to unravel genotype-phenotype relationships. This top-down approach attempts to create models or graphs of gene-product interactions which can be mined for groups of interconnected genes.

Chap 2 oce1001 figueroa

Previous studies have suggested that laser photocoagulation therapy is associated with the resolution of drusen in some age related macular degeneration AMD patients. The main aim of the study was to determine whether low intensity laser treatment applied according to the Complications of AMD Prevention Trial CAPT protocol produces changes in the choroidal circulation that may help explain the mechanism leading to the resolution of drusen material.

This ancillary study included 30 CAPT patients with bilateral drusen that were treated and followed at the University of Pennsylvania.

Laser Doppler flowmetry was used to measure relative choroidal blood velocity Chvelvolume Chvoland flow Chflow in the centre of the fovea. Measurements were obtained through a dilated pupil in both eyes of each patient at the initial CAPT visit before laser treatment was applied in one eye. Measurements were repeated in both eyes of each subject three months later.

Analysis of laser Doppler measurements was performed in a masked fashion. In comparison to baseline, no significant differences in Chvel, Chvol, or Chflow were observed three months following the application of low intensity laser according to the CAPT protocol in the untreated and treated eyes.

In comparison to the untreated eyes, no significant differences were detected in the treated eyes. The results suggest that large alterations in choroidal blood flow do not occur at three months after low intensity laser therapy following the CAPT protocol. We have previously reported evidence suggesting that choroidal blood flow is reduced in the non-exudative stages of AMD.

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The purpose of our study is to determine whether low intensity laser treatment applied according to the CAPT protocol alters the dynamics of the foveolar choroidal circulation. Eligibility was determined according to the CAPT entrance criteria. Mean age was 71 standard deviation, SD 6 years range 55 to 82 years.

All eyes included in the study had deep anterior chambers and pupillary dilatation greater than 5 mm. All subjects agreed to participate in our study by signing a consent form approved by our institutional review board.

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Information about systemic and ocular medications as well as medical and ocular history was obtained from each patient.

Eleven patients had a history of hypertension and 10 of them were on systemic therapy. Six patients were on antilipaemic medication. Nineteen were taking multivitamins.

One patient had had cataract surgery before the study. Measurements of relative foveolar choroidal blood velocity Chvelvolume Chvoland flow Chflow were obtained using laser Doppler flowmetry Oculix instrument in both eyes of each subject. Chvel represented the speed of moving blood cells whereas Chvol corresponded to the amount of blood present at the measurement site.

Chflow was calculated by the instrument from Chvel and Chvol.

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Descriptions of the method have been previously reported. Subjects were asked to fixate on the probing laser beam. Proper fixation was confirmed by direct visualisation of the foveola through the fundus camera.OFFICIAL: Middle Georgia Kennel Club (09/01/) / Conformation - Saturday, Show 1.

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Chap 2 oce1001 figueroa

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Chap 2 oce1001 figueroa

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