Crimes that shook australia peter dupas

His vicious attacks on women started at the age of 15, and eventually resulted in the brutal murder and mutilation of three innocent women. Dupas was eventually linked to her murder through DNA evidence and given life imprisonment. Officers then reopened a murder case from The brutal killing of Margaret Maher, dumped on a roadside in Campbellfield, Victoria, initially remained unsolved until police officers investigated the case once more, and spotted a similar mutilation method used on Nicky Patterson — the removal of the breasts.

Crimes that shook australia peter dupas

The Bodies In The Barrels Murders The Snowtown murders were so barbaric and shocking the Australian community still struggle to come to terms with what happened. The more they looked into the case however, the more missing people they uncovered — and connected to all the missing people were two men — John Bunting and Robert Wagner.

As their investigation continued, the trial of missing people led them to a bank vault in Snowtown. Inside the vault, they found several barrels — all containing body parts. The arrest of Bunting, Wagner plus two associates Mark Haydon and Jamie Vlassakis unravelled the whole saga — a saga of torture, sadism and murder.

Between August and May John Bunting and Robert Wagner tortured and murdered twelve people many of whom they knew from Adelaide — stealing their money and forcing them to record messages to loved ones that were used to convince friends and relatives they were still alive.

The trial that followed was one of the longest and most publicised in Australian legal history. Bunting and Wagner were eventually found guilty and imprisoned, never to be released.

The programme features an exclusive interview with Paul Schramm who led the investigation as well as other Officers who also worked on the case.

We investigate the psychology of John Bunting and meet the man who had the grim task of identifying the bodies in the barrels. In a world exclusive, the programme also includes footage as the police entered the vault for the first time. InLeslie Camilleri and Lindsay Beckett abducted two teenagers: The girls were camping with friends only a few kilometres from home when they decided to leave the camp to visit friends.

Crimes that shook australia peter dupas

As they emerged from the bush they were picked up by Camilleri and Beckett. They were driven across the state of Victoria and subjected to 9 hours of rape and torture. After the harrowing ordeal, the two friends were stabbed to death and buried in scrubland near Fiddlers Green Creek.

Their brutal and heart breaking deaths still shock the nation to this day. Camilleri was imprisoned with no chance of release. Beckett was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison. The programme also includes a revealing interview with the detective who led the investigation, who details how the killers were tracked down and convicted of the notorious crime.

On the morning of the shooting, he wrote in his diary that he was planning to die that day before calling in at the campus. He made his way into town and headed to Queen Street.

They were former tennis partners but had grown apart. As soon as he arrived atQueen St, Vitkovic drew his weapon, aimed it at Margelis and fired. The weapon jammed and Margelis escaped.

Crimes That Shook Australia - Peter Dupas

For 17 minutes, he prowled the offices shooting at random. He had tried to modify his weapon so it would fire fully automatic — fortunately the modifications had failed and it jammed regularly. Despite that, he managed to fire over 40 rounds.

Only when he was tackled by workers did the shooting stop — Vitkovic wrestled himself free and threw himself out of a window to his death. When Police visited his home, they found his diary where over a period of weeks, Vitkovic had honestly and brazenly talked about his feelings and how his frustration would culminate in the horrific act of violence.

Immediately after arriving in the heart of the forest, Milat asked David to join him outside the car. He then produced a double headed battle axe which he swung at David, mortally wounding him.

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As he lay bleeding on the ground, David was subjected to abuse and taunts before Milat hit him in the head with the axe, killing him. Chase Day witnessed the attack and went straight to the police.

As Police probed into the background of Matthew Milat, they uncovered a tale of chilling parallels with his Great Uncle Ivan Milat — the perpetrator of the infamous backpacker murders. He abducted, tortured and killed seven backpackers in a brutal killing spree for which he was sentenced to 7 life sentences.

Mathew idolised his great uncle and wanted to share in his infamy. Justice Mathews sentenced Milat to a maximum of 43 years, Klein to a total of 32 years. The programme also features chilling interviews with Chase Day, Cohen Klein and Matthew Milat in police custody where the whole terrifying story emerged.

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Episode 5 Anu Singh In OctoberLaw student Anu Singh held two dinner parties to say goodbye to her friends after she had allegedly divulged to them that she and her boyfriend Joe Cinque were to die in a suicide pact.Crimes That Shook Australia Season Episode 03 is ready for streaming Title: Season 1, Episode 3 - Peter Dupas.

Watch it Now! Tonight’s pick: Crimes That Shook Australia – CI Network, pm AEST Martin Bryant. Peter Dupas. Jason Downie. Katherine Knight. Derek Percy. These are Australia’s worst of the worst. Tonight Stan Grant begins a journey into our nation’s most terrible moments in a major new Foxtel production Crimes That Shook Australia.

Crimes That Shook Australia Episodes Show more Show less Through the eyes of the people placed right at the heart of the tragedies, the six compelling episodes uncover the biggest crimes .

Crimes That Shook Australia S01E03 Peter Dupas On 19th April , several times convicted criminal Peter Dupas posed as a new client of psychotherapist Nicky Patterson.

Crimes that shook australia peter dupas

Having made arrangements for his first appointment, year-old Nicky welcomed Dupas into her home under the pretence that she would be giving him counselling for gambling. Peter Norris Dupas is one of Australia’s most prolific serial killers.

His vicious attacks on women started at the age of 15, and eventually resulted in the brutal murder and mutilation of three innocent women. On the 19th March , Nicky Patterson was repeatedly stabbed at her home in Northcote, Melbourne. Based on the successful series from the UK, Crimes That Shook Australia will look at Australian crimes that shocked our nation.

On 19th April , several times convicted criminal Peter Dupas posed as a new client of psychotherapist Nicky Patterson.

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