Impact of garment industries on the

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Impact of garment industries on the

Article Recommendations Abstract It goes without saying that Garments industry of Bangladesh has drawn a special attention to the mass people in the world because of being both cost leader and quality leader at the same time. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze the garments industry in Bangladesh which is going to be an emerging tiger in the world economy.

Again, five forces model has been analyzed to assess the impacts of competitive external factors on the Garments industry in Bangladesh. Furthermore, Garments sector competitive responses to the primary issues affecting the industry have been evaluated here.

It also outlines the primary external influences to which this industry is subject.

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In this case, SWOT analysis has been conducted to assess the competitive position of this industry in comparison with the global perspective. The study suggests that total export is highly correlated with the exports of garments.

It also finds that there is severe lacking in the safety and security compliance, wages and compensations and code of conduct of the current organizations.

Moreover, GSP facility withdrawn can impact severely on the ready made garments of Bangladesh to compete with price in the international market with China, India and Vietnam etc.

Impact of garment industries on the

The ready made garments sector of Bangladesh is enjoying cost leadership as a source of completive advantage because of cheap labor.

Finally, the study would like to recommend for further improvement of garment sector in Bangladesh. Garments sector ; Export ; Bangladesh Ahmed, M. A Means to reducing Gender based social exclusion of Women?

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Impact of garment industries on the

Cotton is the world’s most commonly used natural fiber and is in nearly 40 percent of our clothing. It has a clean, wholesome image long cultivated by the garment industry. The Economic Impact of the Fashion Industry Page 5 Three of the most prominent design schools are located in New York City—Parsons The New School for Design, Pratt Institute, and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

GST Ready India’s Latest News and Updates Consumers; Latest News; Impact of GST on the Textile and Readymade garment Industry. By Geetha Varadarajan. Apr 28, Textile industries play a very important role in the development of the Indian economy with respect to GDP, Export promotion, employment, etc.

The world of fashion may be stylish, glamorous and exciting, but its impact on environment is worsening day by day.

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According to the International Labour Organization, there are million child-workers (age 5 to 14) in the world to day. Impact of GST on textile industry could be determined only after final rates are declared for the goods.

Presently, most of the garment manufacturers opt for either complete excise duty.

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