Kaplan university sc300 unit 4 project

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Kaplan university sc300 unit 4 project

Similar presentations More Presentation on theme: Application of The Scientific Method. EDU Unit 1 Seminar: What part of the United States or country in the world are you from?

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How many of you are new here to Kaplan, or almost finishing up? What science classes have you taken before? You can attend 1 out of the 3 based on your schedule and flexibility.

Kaplan university sc300 unit 4 project

The same unit topics will be covered in all three. Use spell check to decrease the amount of errors in your posts. Retrieved on July 10, from http: Ask Questions 19 Step 2: Conduct Background Research What types of research would you conduct in the spur of the moment to determine what is wrong with the computer?

Construct Hypothesis Based on your background research, what is your guess as to why your computer is not working? Test With an Experiment What are some steps you would take to confirm that your hypothesis is correct? Analyze Results, Draw Conclusion If your hypothesis is correct based on your results from experimentation, then your conclusion is….

If your hypothesis was not correct, what would be your replacement hypothesis? Report Results Develop a theory based on your scientific method steps regarding why the computer was not working properly.Kaplan University. Project Manager - Capital Improvement.

Project Managers are also distinguished from departmental managers by management of multi-disciplinary teams made up of professionals from all sectors of the County, external consultants, citizen participation advisors, members assigned from other governmental agencies, non profit.

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