Mass failure in english language

The kilogram is the only named SI unit with an SI prefix kilo as part of its name. Until the redefinition of SI base unitsit was also the last SI unit that was still directly defined by an artefact rather than a fundamental physical property that could be independently reproduced in different laboratories.

Mass failure in english language

A well structured questionnaire was administered to the respondents Micro Finance Banks who constituted the Number of the Population of the study. We collected and analyzed our data using the mean among others.

Mass failure in english language

The researchers found out that Micro Finance Banks develops private sectors by granting them loan and rendering financial services to them. More importantly, is the observation of the ignorance of private sectors towards the repayment of the loans granted to them.

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The study recommended among others that Micro finance Banks should regularly organize seminars for the private sectors teaching them how to collect loans at cheaper rate for them to start up a business according to their knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Also, Micro Finance Banks should train private sectors in financial literacy so that they would see the need to repay their loans. English language has come to stay in this country. The English language is a foreign language to Nigeria, in the sense that it is not indigenous but widely used in Nigeria as a second language.

Ever since it was introduced in Nigeria, it has survived many decades and still survives till date as it assumes a more vital state in Nigeria.

Bamgbose sees the English language in Nigeria as one of the legacies of colonial administration, which has succeeded in eliminating the problems of multiple languages in Nigeria.

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The English language has played a vital role in Nigeria. It is a language of communication in Nigerian society. It is a language of instructions and our lingua franca. English language is used in our education, government, business, commerce, mass media and most of internal and external communications.

It is a language of communications between teachers and learners in school. Formal education in Nigeria today is a product of the English language, without English language there is the possibility that there may not be anything more than the elementary formal education in Nigeria. Despite the importance of the English language, the performance of students over the years has being on downward tread.

Nigeria national policy on education states that school education should equip students to learn the use of English language.

Media reports shows that the performance of students in written, reading and spoken English is not encouraging. The English language is a major school subject at all levels of education into post- secondary institutions.

Lack of knowledge of spoken and written English language in Nigeria means that such individual are disqualified linguistically to play a full part in the national affairs and in the society. The acquisition of the knowledge of English language has a major role to play in social and economic development in Nigeria.

It is unpleasant, at least academically to note that performance of Nigerian secondary schools students has progressively declined. For instance, of all secondary school students who registered for the English at the West African school certificate examination inonly These results indicated that over three years, the failure rate ranged from It is an attempt to discover the factors that are associated with mass failure of secondary school student in Orumba south local government area that leads to carrying this research work.

Some students in the Secondary School find it difficult to speak English or even write in English language. Therefore the problem of the study is to find out the factors associated with mass failure of students in English language in Orumba south local government area.

The study will specifically ascertain the following; 1. The extent teachers teaching methods affect students performance in English language 4.

How teaching and learning of English language in Orumba south local government area can be improved. It will enable the ministry of education to become aware of the factors associated with mass failure of students in English language in secondary schools. Educational planners at the state and federal level will also derive a wealth of knowledge from it.

The findings will enable the parents to come face to face with the problems encountered by their children in the process of trying to learn the language and then see where their assistance is needed to solve the problem.

It will act as a guide for recruitment of qualified teachers in different fields. Finally it will be a source of enlightenment to students, teachers, institutions and the society at large. To what extent does the lack of instructional material affect the students performance in English language?

To what extent does the qualification of teachers affect the students performance in English language? To what extent do the methods used in teaching English language enhance the learning of the language? What measures should be adopted to improve the quality of teaching and learning English language in secondary school in Orumba south local government area?The kilogram or kilogramme (symbol: kg) is the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI).

Until 20 May , it remains defined by a platinum alloy cylinder, the International Prototype Kilogram (informally Le Grand K or IPK), manufactured in , and carefully stored in Saint-Cloud, a suburb of 20 May, it will be defined in terms of fundamental physical constants.

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Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology [J. Michael Spector, M. David Merrill, Jan Elen, M. J. Bishop] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The 4th edition of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology expands upon the previous 3 versions.

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Skutnabb-Kangas, Tove (). As someone who has worked in criminal justice internationally for many years, I found this book a very helpful contribution to the debate. In the criminal justice world we are usually afraid to talk about failure, or when we do, it is done within the context of the blame culture.

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