Slugline screenwriting app

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Slugline screenwriting app

Slugline Slugline is a screenwriting app that uses Fountain as its native format. Available for Mac and iOS. Fade In Fade In is a full-featured, multi-platform screenwriting application that imports and exports Fountain documents.

Scriptigo Based on Fountain, Scriptigo allows you to create, manage, and share your scripts for film, television, and theatre all in one place. Available on the iOS App Store. Editorial Editorial is a powerful writing app for iPhone and iPad that supports Fountain.

Available on the iTunes App Store. Untitled Untitled is a screenplay outlining and note-taking tool based on Fountain. It works in your browser, or as a Chrome app. Logline Logline is a structure-focused screenwriting app that uses Fountain as its native format. Available on the Mac App Store.

Available on the Google Play store.

Slugline: Simply Screenwriting by Act Focused Media LLC

You can import Fountain files directly from your Google Drive account, or by dragging from your computer. Trelby Trelby is a free, open-source, multi-platform screenwriting application that imports and exports many screenplay formats, including Fountain.

Storyist Storyist is a writing and story development tool for novelists and screenwriters. It imports and exports Fountain documents, and is available for both Mac and iOS. Atom Atom is a free, multi-platform text editing app that can be configured for syntax highlighting and previewing of Fountain files.

Available on the App Store. Storyboard Fountain beta Storyboard Fountain is a Mac app that allows you to draw storyboards and embed them into your Fountain screenplay.

Currently in public beta. WriterDuet Writer Duet is a collaborative, online screenwriting tool that imports and exports Fountain. Fountain is also supported by ReadThrough. Scrivener Scrivener is a writing app with comprehensive screenwriting features. It imports and exports Fountain files, and can use Fountain for its powerful folder syncing feature.

Emacs Fountain Mode is an Emacs major mode that provides syntax highlighting, auto-indenting, and other useful features for working with Fountain files. SuperNotecard SuperNotecard is an online writing tool with virtual notecards.

It imports and exports Fountain files. Geyser Geyser is a Mac app that creates a server for Fountain files, which can then be read securely on any device, using a web browser. You can try it out here. It adds syntax highlighting and scene "folding" for. On github and here. Run Lines An Android app for rehearsing scripts that can import and export Fountain files.

slugline screenwriting app

Available on the Google Play Store. FountainSharp An F Fountain parsing library, available on github.Apr 18,  · Slugline is a minimal, distraction-free environment for the most important part of screenwriting—the writing part. Slugline works with plain text. It automatically turns your writing into a properly formatted screenplay, without you ever needing to press the Tab key or touch the mouse/5(17).

Jan 16,  · DubScript Screenplay Writer. The Production Company Productivity. Everyone. 1, Contains Ads · Offers in-app purchases. Add to Wishlist. Install. Designed for writers of film, TV, and online movie scripts, DubScript is an industry-strength, open-standard screenplay editor/5(K).

· Slugline is a wonderfulfree script writing software for Macwhich enables you to write for video procedures, screenplays and scripts for movies etc. · This software or platform makes use of fountain which is a scriptwriting markup language.

Slugline, however, came with the higher price of US$ How was it different from Celtx? It allowed me to try it before I buy it and that was the beginning of a new love story. Slugline is a beautifully clean and simple screenwriting application designed for pure writing.

Created by industry pros Stu Maschwitz and Clinton Torres, it allows you to create documents from scratch or a template and includes features to help writers format scripts properly. Slugline is a simple, elegant screenwriting app for Mac that uses the Fountain plain-text screenplay format.

Slugline is a simple, elegant Mac app for the most important part of screenwriting: the writing part.

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