Society and its relation to human

Society not confined to man. Above we have described the concept and nature of society. Society, as should be clear from the above discussion, is the name given to social relationships by which every human being is interconnected with his fellow men.

Society and its relation to human

These practices are tremendously important to know how humans act and interact with each other. Society does not exist independently without individual.

The individual lives and acts within society but society is nothing, in spite of the combination of individuals for cooperative effort. Human life and society almost go together. Man is biologically and psychologically equipped to live in groups, in society.

Society has become an essential condition for human life to arise and to continue. The relationship between individual and society is ultimately one of the profound of all the problems of social philosophy. It is more philosophical rather than sociological because it involves the question of values.

Man depends on society. It is in the society that an individual is surrounded and encompassed by culture, as a societal force. It is in the society again that he has to conform to the norms, occupy statuses and become members of groups.

The question of the relationship between the individual and the society is the starting point of many discussions. It is closely connected with the question of the relationship of man and society. The re- lation between the two depends upon one fact that the individual and the society are mutually de- pendent, one grows with the help of the other.

The aim of this paper is to show the questions: Society, Social Life, Individual 1.

Society and its relation to human

Introduction Man is a social animal. He has a natural urge to live an associated life with others. Man needs society for his existence or survival.

The human child depends on his parents and others for its survival and growth. The inherent capacities of the child can develop only in society.

The ultimate goal of society is to promote good and happy life for its individuals. It creates conditions and opportunities for the all round development of individual personality.

Society ensures harmony and cooperation among individuals in spite of their occasional conflicts and tensions. If society helps the individuals in numerous ways, great men also contribute to society by their wisdom and experience.

Thus, society and individuals are bound by an intimate and harmonious bond and the conflicts between the two are apparent and momentary. In a well-ordered society, there would be lasting harmony between the two.

Society liberates and limits the activities of men and it is a necessary condition of every human being and need to fulfillment of life. Society is a system of usages and procedures of authority and mutual aid many divisions of controls of human behavior and of liberties.

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This changing system, we call society and it is always changing [1].Some of the difference between human society and animal society are as follows: Nature of Society and its Relation with Individual.

Origin of Society and Social Contract Theory. Latest; + Sociology Questions & Answers for MA Entrance Exams (,,) October 29, A brief discussion of the life and works of John Locke, with links to electronic texts and additional information.

Society and its relation to human

The Original Affluent Society. Marshall Sahlins. Hunter-gatherers consume less energy per capita per year than any other group of human beings. A page in the Encyclopedia of Marxism.

Capital. Capital is in the first place an accumulation of money and cannot make its appearance in history until the circulation of commodities has given rise to the money relation..

Secondly, the distinction between money which is capital, and money which is money only, arises from the difference in .

WHAT, then, is the rightful limit to the sovereignty of the individual over himself?Where does the authority of society begin? How much of human life should be assigned to individuality, and how much to society?

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