The evolution of the modern guitar essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access The Guitar History Essay Sample 1The guitar is a musical instrument strung with gut or nylon strings twanged by the fingers. Its history rooted from the Stone Age and has undergone a remarkable evolution since its discovery. From a cave man plucking the string of his bow, there came Jimi Hendrix, who was number one of the Greatest Guitar Players of all Time.

The evolution of the modern guitar essay

But not many know where the instrument came from.

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It is amazing how we can all be so familiar with something and not know its history or its origin. Let me fill you in, and take you on a trip through the history and evolution of the guitar.

The evolution of the modern guitar essay

You will be introduced to the great-grandfathers of all stringed instruments and shown how they developed into what we recognize as a guitar today. Anyone who thinks the guitar is an American or modern invention is wrong. Anyone who thinks that the guitar is a hundred, two hundred, or even a thousand years old is also mistaken.

Actually, most musical historians believe that the guitar was born at least 4, years ago, although no one really knows for sure. The oldest evidence of the existence of the guitar dates back to or BCE. It was found in Babylonia on clay plaques, which depict nude figures playing instruments that bear a general resemblance to the guitar.

Of course, this is far too early for us to expect it to look exactly like the guitars of today, but it did have strings and a distinctly differentiated body and neck. Around the same time in Egypt, the only plucked instrument was a bow-shaped harp.

A little later on, however, there was a new development: The sides had deeper curves than the older instruments and the back had become completely flat instead of curving upward to meet the soundboard. Meanwhile, in Rome, the instrument had been growing and developing more and more into the basic guitar shape.

The Romans began to construct the entire instrument out of wood, even the soundboard, which was previously made with rawhide. This made the instrument firmer because the materials were stronger.

The first known European stringed instrument dates back to the third century. It had a round sound box that tapers into a wide neck, similar to the lute.

A second instrument had also been invented, called the Carolingian instrument, getting its name from the era during which it was conceived.

It was a rectangular shaped instrument with strings.

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Finally, another instrument developed side-by-side with the Carolingian and its straight sides were starting to give way to slight curves. The only evidence historians have of the existence of guitars before the sixteenth century is based on artwork, and the only real instruments discovered were from the s or later.

Moving into the seventeenth century, the guitar was becoming popular and particularly valued by the nobility.The Guitar Essays: Over , The Guitar Essays, The Guitar Term Papers, The Guitar Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Evolution of the 19th Century Guitar

Log in. Home; Evolution of The Modern Guitar. The first instruments that modern audiences would recognize as guitars were built in the fifteenth century.

At that time, the guitar was much smaller than its modern counterpart, with four double courses of gut strings (occasionally the top string was single).

Essay on Evolution of the Electric Guitar - Innovations are put forth everyday but few leave a lasting effect on their field. Whether it is the combustion engine in transportation, television in entertainment or the electric guitar in music. evolution of the guitar Timeline created by julianc.

In Music. where it evolved into new forms, ultimately developing into the (modern) guitar, with, of course, other infuences.

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The evolution of the modern guitar essay

Essay about The Evolution of the Modern Guitar - The modern guitar can be easily acknowledged as one of the most influential and renown instruments in the world. The guitar recognized today has been around for hundreds of years and it is still leaving a legacy in the musical world.

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Europeans started experimenting on these guitars and eventually it evolved into the modern classical guitar. ("History of the Guitar"). Different kinds of plucked instruments came about and continued to influence the guitar.3/5(3).

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