The importance of white potatoes essay

Different varieties provide slightly different nutrients. Whole, unprocessed potatoes contain very little sodium, only 10 mg per g 3. However, this is not true of processed potato products, such as French fries and potato chips.

The importance of white potatoes essay

The white potato is referred to as the "Irish potato" because it is associated with the potato famine in Ireland in the 19th century. Potatoes are not roots but specialized underground storage stems called "tubers.

Potatoes withstand light frosts in the spring and can be grown throughout most of the country in the cooler part of the growing season, but they prefer the northern tier of states for maximal yield and quality.

Recommended Varieties There are more than varieties of potatoes.

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White-skinned actually very light brown and red-skinned varieties with white flesh are the most common in home gardens. Some russets and yellow-fleshed types are also grown. Russet Burbank is the most important commercial variety produced in the United States, but the weather over most of the country is too warm and the moisture fluctuation too great for the production of smooth tubers and good yields.

Common garden varieties offer better taste, texture and cooking quality for home use anyway. The following varieties are well adapted to a variety of conditions. If possible, use northern-grown seed potatoes that are certified disease free. Early Irish Cobbler light brown skin; often irregularly shaped Norland red skin, smooth, resistant to scab Midseason Red Pontiac red skin, deep eyes Viking red skin, very productive Late Katahdin light brown skin; smooth; resistant to some viruses, verticillium, bacterial wilts Kennebec light brown skin, smooth; resistant to some viruses, late blight Green Mountain is an old semi-rough white variety noted for its great taste.

The importance of white potatoes essay

Due to a fairly high number of misshapen tubers, it has all but disappeared from commercial production. For dependable production in all seasons and the greatest-tasting baked potato ever, Green Mountain is worth the effort to find certified seed.

Yukon Gold is the most famous of the new wave of yellow-fleshed varieties now available. Long popular in Europe, these have good flavor and moist flesh, which many people claim requires less of the fattening condiments required by dry-as-dust Russet Burbanks.

Yukon Gold is a very early bearer of large, round, attractive tubers with a hint of pink around the eyes. Many grocery stores around the country now feature some name-brand version of "golden" potatoes, usually this variety. If the flavor of these market potatoes suits you, look for seed of Yukon Gold.

When to Plant Potatoes are among the earliest vegetables planted in the garden. Early, midseason and late varieties all may be planted in March or early April. Planting too early in damp, cold soils makes it more likely that seed pieces rot before they can grow.

Potatoes planted in March also may be frozen back to the ground by late frosts. Plants usually recover fully, but the blackened shoots are always demoralizing to the gardener.Over the years, potato has become an important crop for both farmers and consumers in Pakistan.

The main potato growing areas in Pakistan are present in the Punjab province. In Punjab is about 86 percent of the whole potato growing area in the country and the potato production is near about percent of the whole potato production in the .

Recommended Varieties potatoes into fries with a fry cutter and weigh 12 white potato fries and 6 sweet potato fries. each trial, in 6 plastic cups, pour mL of water, combine the sugar that in which corresponds to the percentage of sugar.

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The importance of white potatoes essay

Importance of the French Revolution Essay The French Revolution is a Traditional American cuisine uses ingredients such as turkey, white-tailed deervenison, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, squash, and maple syrup, indigenous foods employed by American Indians and early European settlers.

Slow-cooked pork and beef barbecue, crab cakes. When the ovens turn white with heat, cooks place fresh potatoes on the ashes for baking. Steam curls up from hot food into the clear, cold air.

People dip their potatoes in coarse salt and edible. Potatoes in the United States Potato Facts - Learn About Potatoes. Potatoes arrived in the Colonies in when the Governor of Bermuda, Nathaniel Butler, sent two large cedar chests containing potatoes and other vegetables to Governor Francis Wyatt of Virginia at Jamestown.

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