The necklace rising action

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The necklace rising action

Certified Educator Typically, stories can be divided into sections.

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Freytag's triangle, or pyramid, illustrates them: The exposition, or the part where all the main characters and the main conflict are introduced.

In "The Necklace, this would be when the reader sees Mathilde Loisel's desire to rise to or be accepted in a social class that is above her husband's means. This is the part of the story that leads up to the climax Typically, stories can be divided into sections.

In " The Necklacethis would be when the reader sees Mathilde Loisel's desire to rise to or be accepted in a social class that is above her husband's means. This is the part of the story that leads up to the climax. This is the chain of events that is caused by the initial conflict. In this story, I think the rising action includes the invitation to the ball and Mathilde's visiting her rich friend, Madam Forestier, and borrowing what she believes is a very expensive necklace to go with the expensive dress she convinces her husband to buy for her.

It may also include her appearance and her reception at the ball. This event highlights the sharp contrast between the life Mathilde wants and the life she is later forced to live as a consequence of her selfish choices and pride.

The third section is the climax, or turning point. It is also the point where the initial conflict but not the only conflict necessarily is resolved.

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This occurs when Mathilde realizes the necklace is missing. The initial conflict is over. From this point on, Mathilde no longer has a chance to blend in with high society. The climax is followed by the falling action, which consists of the events that occur as a result of the climax.

Mathilde and her husband must take a cheap apartment and work themselves into premature aging to pay for the lost necklace.

The necklace rising action

The last part of the story is the denouement, or resolution. This is the part where all the tangled conflicts are untied.

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A more American interpretation would be to say the loose ends were all tied up. Mathilde runs into her old rich friend who still looks young and beautiful. She tells her how she worked to replace the necklace, and learns that she wasted her life for nothing, since the necklace she lost was fake.

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Rising Action Rising action is action that leads up to the climax and is suspenseful. The rising action in this short story is when Mathilde has to find something to wear to the ball.

The rising action of any story is the portion of the text which falls between the introduction and the climax. In the introduction, the setting and characters are introduced.

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